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According to UNICEF, every child has a basic right to play, and kids with special needs are no different. Through play, your kids develop their social skills, build strength, understand the world around them, develop cognitive function, build self-esteem, and learn problem-solving. And let’s not forget the sheer fun of playing. However, parent of kids with special needs believe that their kids won’t be able to deal with the competitive nature and the rigorous standards of the game. So, playing for them can be overwhelming. We at All Kids Can Play make an effort to change this perception. There are many professional sports in Australia, which disabled people can play. So try to involve the kids in such games and try to make their future bright.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, many kids in Australia are affected by disability. Disabilities can impact the health of a kid and communication, learning abilities, and mobility. It can have a huge effect on the social engagement and education of the kid. In 2018, a survey was conducted, and it was found that 357,500 children fewer than 15 years were disabled, which was 7.7%. The proportion of kids with disability increased from 295,900 in 2012, which was 6.9%. Studies also find that if kids with physical challenges and get involved in some sports and play regularly, several things can improve in them.

The Rights of kids with Disability

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992, as well as the Disability Standards for Education 2005, has been created so that the students with disability can get the same rights as other students. The rights include being allowed to get education and training, just like the students without the problem of disability. It means that all the schools in Sydney and other parts of the country must provide the best quality sport. They should give Physical Education programs that will fulfil the requirements of students with all abilities. In Australia and globally, the initial years of the sport for kids with a disability were featured by a medical-therapeutic approach. The particular games and training were considered as an extensive part of treatment and usually conducted by the paramedical staff.

Disability Sports Australia

Disability Sports Australia (DSA) is the peak national body of Australia that represents athletes with a physical disability. Earlier known as Australian Athletes with a Disability, but after 2013 the organisation changed its name to Disability Sports Australia. The change highlights a modern evolution and essential work that has been achieved in bringing all the disabled people together from every corner of the country. It includes people right from the basic level to the best Paralympics athletes who compete in sporting activities of all abilities.

Focus Point of DSA
  • They make sure that more Australians move more often through different sports. It means, if you want your disabled kids to start to play, DSA might have several things to offer.
  • It wants to build the capability of different sport in order to create a connected and robust industry. It will develop a network that will help all the disabled kids who want to follow their own sports.
  • DSA wants to create national pride and motivates the young generation with all abilities through international sporting success. So, if you are not sure what your kids will achieve by playing, they are the answer.
International Day of People with Disability

Every year on 3rd December, the International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is celebrated. It increases understanding, public awareness, and acceptance of a person with a disability. This day is celebrated to highlight the fact they as also a vital part of our society and their achievements as well as their contributions. So make sure that every year in December, you celebrate this day with your kids who are challenged.

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