Best Activities and Games for Children With Wheelchairs

Staying physically active is great for healthy and well-being. It helps keep cardiovascular health in check and prevents conditions such as heart disease and stroke. Plus, it also improves mental health and self-esteem and assists your body to manage blood sugar and insulin levels, which can support weight management. Exercising also has plenty of development…

Adventure and Nature Activities for Kids with Disabilities

Spending time outdoors and exploring can be a great adventure for kids with disabilities. You can just imagine their delight and joy after they feel the fresh air, hear the sound of leaves, and find nature’s vibrant colours. However, for disabled children, making sure these experiences are convenient and enjoyable requires tactical planning. Not only…

Parenting Tips: How to Play with disabled Kids?

Being physically active is vital to maintain overall fitness, healthier bone density and improved motor skills. Doctors recommend children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity, but the sad news is only 23% children (5-14 years) engaged in it for the recommended time. While physical activity is vital for all children, kids with disability…

How to Parenting a Child with Autism?

As a responsible parent, you do everything to give a better future to your kid. The stress doubles when they have an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD diagnosis. Of course, your child needs special medical care and proper therapies, but there are various other things to consider when taking care of their day-to-day needs. Here…

How Children with Disability Should Play – Advice on Parenting

Parenting a kid with a disability can be extremely difficult. Understanding their daily challenges, experiencing them and resolving their issues is nothing less than a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions. When it comes to playing, the parents of kids with all abilities hesitate a lot. Experts believe that parents get confused during such time and…

Professional Sports that Disabled Kids Can Play

The majority of the parents of disabled kids believe that their kids cannot play because of their limitations. However, experts believe that unless they start playing a sport, it is difficult to understand what they are actually capable of. There are some sports in Australia that disable people can play. You just need to do proper…

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