• What is ‘All Kids Can Play’?

    At ‘All Kids Can Play’, we make tireless efforts to make sure that all disabled kids start to play. We are a Sydney based organisation that understands its responsibilities towards society and thus want to do something good for such kids. We are trustworthy names among the parent of kids with all abilities and have helped several kids all over the city and country. If you are also dealing with a similar issue, contact us.

  • How can you help disabled kids?

    We make every possible effort to ensure that all kids with any disabilities involved in some game. We have a team of professional and experienced trainers and physical therapists who first connect with the kids and understand their interests, limitations, passion, etc. Then they make a proper plan for them and motivate them, so they start to play. Our team also talk with the parent of these kids to help them further.

  • Why disabled kids should play?

    Physical activity is important for every kid, but it becomes more important when the kid finds it difficult to move. As far as physical health benefits are a concern, playing can improve blood circulation and hand-eye coordination. It can also reduce stress and anxiety level. Playing also improve social skill and cognitive function. Therefore we also recommend the parents of the kids with disabilities to involve them in games, and we also help them in several ways.

  • Which sport do you prefer for the kids with all abilities?

    We do not recommend any particular posts blindly. We talk to the kids and their parents and understand whether they have any interest or passion for any particular sports. Then accordingly, we make a plan for the kid. We also analyse and see them, which help to play in a better manner. From Archery, Electric Wheelchair Hockey, Para-Badminton, and Para Table Tennis, to Racerunning, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Tennis, we suggest all sports.

  • How to contact your professionals?

    If you want any information about our organisation, our professionals, how we can help the kids with all abilities or our events, you can contact our customer support team. We have an experienced team who are well aware of our approach and methods. So, you will get a satisfactory answer to your doubts and queries. You can also send your queries through email id, and we will get back to you at the earliest with a detailed answer. Visit our contact us page.

  • How much do you charge?

    Our main intention is not to make money out of this work but to help the kids with all abilities and the parent. We understand that parenting kids with such challenges can be extremely difficult. So, we want to reduce stress and bring positivity to their life by helping them to play. However, we do charge some amount to get things working. If you want to know about the charges, contact the customer support team.

  • Why ‘All Kids Can Play’ is reliable?

    ‘All Kids Can Play’ is a reliable name because we have helped hundreds of kids with all abilities from all over Sydney and also other parts of the country. Our team of professionals, trainers, physiotherapists, etc., are very experienced, so the kids with any challenges find it very easy to start playing. We not only help them to play but also keep track of their improvement and also check that if they can make it to the next level and enter the professional level in future.

  • How many kids with all abilities have received help?

    Since we have started ‘All kids can Play’ a few years ago, we have helped more than 4200 kids with all abilities. We have been successful with almost the kids, and we are extremely happy to transform their lives and bring in some positivity in their life.

  • Do you organise events?

    We organise different type of events for disabled kids and their parents in various location in Sydney, New South Wales and other parts of the country. Through these events, we try to spread awareness among the people and provide them with the right guidance. Our main intention is to educate everyone on why kids with all abilities should play and how they can do it.


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