Understanding Disability

In this event, our experts will teach about the concept of disability. When you understand it, you will find it easier to handle different situations. All parents should educate themselves about it. In this particular event, our seasoned professionals, including trainers and health experts, will give valuable advice on dealing with kids with all abilities. It is never easy to take care of such kids, so advice from professionals will be helpful. There are several misconceptions that you must eliminate to make progress.

  • Date:14th March

Helping Your Kids

If you want to help your disable kids, then you need the right guidance. Our seasoned experts will help you with some guidance in this event in Sydney. It can make a lot of difference. You kids, with all the possibilities, require help not only physically but also mentally or emotionally. Therefore, knowing the right way to help your kids can be very helpful. You cannot help your kids unless they want to get helped. So, first, you need to get connected with the kids, and our event can help you to achieve your goal.

  • Date:28th March

Importance of Games for Disabled Kids

Many parents of kids with special needs believe that their kids should not get involved in any kinds of games because they are weak. Attend this event to know how games can actually transform their life. When the kids with all the abilities involve in a game, they start to enjoy it. This not only helps them by improving stamina and strength but also develop different skills. Playing games mean it will also improve their reflexes and self-esteem. And let’s not forget how much fun it can be for such kids.

  • Date:11th April

Training the Mind

If you want to motivate your kids with special needs, then you have to train their mind accordingly. We are organising this event to teach the parent and kids to train their mind perfectly. Our seasoned trainers and other professionals have experience in training the mind in the right way. In this event, they will share the secrets to train your mind and focus in the right direction. After attending the events, the kids with all abilities and their parent will learn a very important thing.

  • Date:18th April

Follow Your Dream

We are organising this event in Sydney so that kids will all abilities will understand how to follow their dreams. Everyone has a passion for some sports, and in this event, we will help the kids and their parent to learn how these kids can also follow their dreams. Many people think that because of the limitations in their kids, they cannot play games, but this misconception that everyone needs to get rid of. In this event, you will get expert advice on how to focus and follow the passion.

  • Date:25th April

Professionals Sports for Disabled Kids

If you are parenting kids who are physically challenged and you do not know if there is any future in sports, this event is for you. Attend this event to learn that there are several sports in Australia that disabled kids can play and excel. Such sports include Archery, Electric Wheelchair Hockey, Para-Badminton, and Para Table Tennis, Racerunning, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Tennis, etc. Know about all the sports so that it can be easier for you to choose the right sports for your kids and allow them to play.

  • Date:29th April

Important Parenting Tips

It is not easy parenting kids who are disabled because every day, you have to deal with something new, and that can be very stressful. Therefore, experts always advise you to involve them in some play. That will give them the edge they need. Attend this event with your kids and learn about the best parenting tips from the experts. It can help you to transform the lives of your kids.

  • Date:2nd May

Choosing the Right Game to Play

You might want your kids with all the abilities to play, but do you know which game your kid should play? Well, if you want to know that, then attend our event that is taking place in Sydney in the month of May. In this event, our trainer and currently disabled players will share their experience so that you can choose the most suitable right game for your kid. You will learn how our professionals analyse the kids and plan a program for the kids.

  • Date:7th May

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