Professional Sports that Disabled Kids Can Play

Professional Sports that Disabled Kids Can Play

The majority of the parents of disabled kids believe that their kids cannot play because of their limitations. However, experts believe that unless they start playing a sport, it is difficult to understand what they are actually capable of. There are some sports in Australia that disable people can play. You just need to do proper research and look for games that can give an opportunity to specially-able kids in Australia.

These sports can not only develop the skills of your kids, but they can also take these spots seriously and convert them into their career. So being a parent, you should research about such sports properly and try to understand which will be more suitable for your kid. Read on to know more about such sports. Let’s have a look.

Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair Tennis is a wheelchair sport that has become extremely popular in the last decade. The game was founded in the year 1976 integrates very smoothly with the able-bodied game. It is because the game can be played on the regular tennis court, without any changes in the size of the court, rackets or the balls. Wheelchair tennis also follows the rules of traditional tennis, with the only exception being that the player in this game is allowed two bounces of the ball. So, if your kids are interested in tennis, you should definitely opt for it. There are various institutes and coaching centres in Australia that focus on nurturing the skills and passion of disabled kids. They can become a professional tennis player with proper guidance and support.

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball was introduced in 1960 during the Paralympic Program in Rome. Today, the game has become an extremely popular sport for athletes who have a disability. The game attracts a lot of attention throughout Asian, European country and Australia, which lead to the establishment of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) in 1989, an independent world governing body. Wheelchair basketball is now played in over 80 countries, with more than 10,000 players at different levels and countries. Australia is one of the countries that lead the way for wheelchair basketball’s development. It is a great opportunity for your kid to learn this amazing sport and make their family and country proud. It is one of the most promising careers in Australia as well.


Racerunning is an innovative sport in which disabled kids can participate. In this game, a person who is unable to run uses a trike to maintain a balance properly. It is a modified three-wheeled frame in which the runner gets complete support from the saddle and chest support. The structure helps them to push themselves forward by the feet while using their hands to steer. Participating in this game allows an individual to move and run freely in a balanced way. It is excellent for all age group who are disabled. Disabled kids can also play and that’s why these sports are running officially all around the world.

Para Table Tennis

Para table tennis is a Paralympics sport that is practised in more than 100 countries. It is the third-largest Paralympics sport in terms of the numbers of the athlete. International Table Tennis Federation governed this sport through the International Para Table Tennis Committee (ITTF-PTT). The rules of the ITTF also followed in Paralympic table tennis competitions with slight changes regarding the service rules for players who are competing in a wheelchair. If your kids are interested in Para Table Tennis, then look for professionals who can provide the right guidance and provide training to such kids.


Similar to badminton, para-badminton is also played on a rectangular court that is separated by a net. This game is for everyone! Para-badminton is an excellent sport for a kid with physical impairment, irrespective of age or gender. With every passing year, this particular sport is becoming more popular and is attracting more and more participants, both socially and competitively. The rules and regulations for this sport were agreed upon in 2013. Next year, it was decided that the game will be included in the next Summer Paralympics.

However, it is important for parents to know how children with disability should play. So, every parent should know this if they have a specially-able kid.


Para-archery is an excellent sport for disabled kids. If they play this game with passion and dedication, they will improve their concentration level as well as strength. This sport is quite similar to able-bodied archery – the players shoot arrows at a target from a particular distance. They shoot for the same number of rounds, distances as well as events. Unlike the regular archery, here you will find two categories – players who are standing and players using a wheelchair. This sport is governed by the World Archery Federation.


If you find it difficult to decide which sports will be good for your disabled kid, then you should give a chance to your kid to identify sports. Let them play whichever game they want and then observe the games that suit then naturally. It will bring more benefits for disabled kids then you can imagine.


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