Parenting Tips: How to Play with disabled Kids?

Parenting Tips: How to Play with disabled Kids?

Being physically active is vital to maintain overall fitness, healthier bone density and improved motor skills. Doctors recommend children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity, but the sad news is only 23% children (5-14 years) engaged in it for the recommended time. While physical activity is vital for all children, kids with disability largely lead a sedentary lifestyle. It is a serious problem and thousands of parents and kids suffer due to it as there are about 7.4% Australian children with some level of disability. Therefore, if you have a kid with a disability, you are not alone and here is your guide to keeping them physically active.

Keeping Kids Moving

If you have a kids with special needs, getting them to play can be challenging. However, getting at least an hour of physical activity is vital for keeping their muscles, bones and minds active. Therefore, as a parent the onus is on you keep them entertained and willing to play. Thus, listed below are activities we at All Kids Can Play recommend. Most of these activities you can do at home.


1. Dance to a Tune

Dancing is among the best activities for keeping active and you can do it standing, sitting down or laying down. All you need is the motivation and the right song. Dancing is possible for kids of all ages and you can do it for at least 10 minutes every day to ensure your child gets some form of physical activity.


2. Make Some Art

Children like to play with water colors, crayons and chalk. Depending on your child’s disability, you can choose the right tools for drawing, painting, doodling, crafts and other fun activities. Encourage them to make long strokes and use a large white or black board. This activity is especially useful in keeping children with limited mobility active.


3. Treasure Hunt

No need to go out of the house to have an adventure. You can have one at home by creating a treasure hunt for your kid. Keep toys, presents and treasures nearby safe places. Also, keep track of their safety by hiding clues where it is easy to find them.


4. Playing with Bubbles

Kids are simple creatures and making them happy is easy. If your kid needs motivation to move, engage them by blowing bubble in the yard or the living room. Chase the bubble with them to make the entire process fun and exciting for them.


5. Tag It

Tag it is one of the best indoor games for children of all ages and capabilities. You can play it anywhere by tagging a household member and making them it. Next, they have to tag someone else and the game goes on. Small children especially like playing this game.


6. Throw a Ball

Get a large sized ball for your disable kid to make it easier for them to grab, catch and throw the ball. It is a fun activity you can do anywhere – your house, the park, beach etc. If possible, keep spare balls while playing in case one gets lost.


7. Splash in The Water

If possible, get your kid in a pool with shallow water and play splash in the water. If you have small children or don’t feel comfortable taking your child to a pool. You can get a blow-up pool to keep in the yard or play the game in the bathtub. Both these options offer better safety and control to parents. It can also tell your childs inclination towards playing in water. They may take up swimming or any other professional sport for disabled kids.


8. Hide & Seek

Another fun game any kid can play with their family in a safe environment is hide & seek. Start by seeking yourself first and letting your kid hide to let them get a hang of the game. Once you feel confident your kid can also seek and play independently, you can ask them to seek while you hide.


The Bottom Line

Playing is one of the best forms of physical activity. It stimulates your mind and body, which is why children with disabilities must play. If you have kid with special needs, then use this guide to play with your children and keep them physically and mentally active.


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