Best Activities and Games for Children With Wheelchairs

Best Activities and Games for Children With Wheelchairs

Staying physically active is great for healthy and well-being. It helps keep cardiovascular health in check and prevents conditions such as heart disease and stroke. Plus, it also improves mental health and self-esteem and assists your body to manage blood sugar and insulin levels, which can support weight management. Exercising also has plenty of development benefits for young people and children. It assists in physical development, which includes stability, mobility, and strength.

Physical activity can also help boost cognitive skills such as problem-solving, planning, etc. Even though it provides benefits to every individual, it can prove to be more challenging for children with wheelchairs to access exercise opportunities. This means that you must find different fun games and sports that disabled kids can engage in. Here are the best activities and games for children with wheelchairs.

1.  Accessible Merry-Go-Rounds

Merry-go-rounds promote motion play, which allows children, particularly the disabled ones to take enjoyment in the movement and develop some crucial coordination skills. Such products provide the perfect opportunities for individuals to create treasured memories that are filled with laughter and giggles when they spin around. This equipment is known to help kids learn about the concept of cause and effect and helps enhance fine motor skills. These products permit kids of different abilities to come and spin together and create memorable experiences. Most of the products can accommodate up to two wheelchairs along with an additional seat for either a differently abled friend or a caregiver. Plus, if chosen the right one, it will be easy to get on and off. Getting such products for your children is important if you are the parent of a disabled individual.

2.  Swinging

Swinging is one of those activities that helps children learn rhythm, enhance muscle balance and control, and improve fine motor skills, including arm gripping and coordination. Swing sets that are accessible permit disabled kids to enjoy this fun form of exercise that targets numerous joints and muscles. Additionally, the accessible swing sets offer additional support with a very strong seat and straps. These products are known to have a rollercoaster-style safety harness that easily lifts up to ensure entry and exit. The strong seat, which is also a high-back, is not only comfortable but also safe for kids who face mobility challenges. This ensures all kids can play safely.

3.  Sensory Play

Sensory play is a vital activity that enables kids of all abilities to engage their senses while they play. It permits the little ones to touch and feel the objects, smell the fresh air, and enjoy listening to the different sounds. Sensory play also includes nature activities that help individuals understand their environment while also strengthening nerve connections. Incorporating different accessories and equipment helps promote sensory play on the playground.

There is the option of installing musical instruments with bells, drums, and chimes, which helps engage an individual’s auditory senses. Try to also elevate sandboxes that are ground-level to enhance accessibility for kids who have trouble sitting and bending to reach the standard sand pit. Finally, it is best to make some modifications to the gardens so that they become easier for kids with wheelchairs to reach, which will allow them to participate in kids-friendly gardening activities.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying that childhood is a special time in life that is meant for playing and learning. Each individual has the right to enjoy the fun of being a kid, even if they are disabled. The activities mentioned in this article are perfect for children with wheelchairs, allowing them to enjoy while developing some skills.

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